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Please note: You're invited to participate in this CC2016-wiki as well, just use the link to "Seite bearbeiten" or something like that.

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[Bearbeiten] Cyclocamp2016: biciklo kolektivo festivalo

Place: Lames-Sonnenpark, Spratzerner Kirchenweg 81-83, 3100 St. Pölten, Austria
Streetmap: LAMES/Sonnenpark
Date: 3rd week of august, Monday, 15.8.2016 - Sunday, 21.08.2016

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[Bearbeiten] Invitation

hi bikefreaks & bicyclefriends,

The bikekitchen Vienna invites you to the 6th year of cyclocamp!

It will take place August 15th to 21st 2016 in St. Pölten near Vienna (Austria): openstreetmap

What Cyclocamp is/wants to be/could be:

Cyclocamp should provide DIY bicycle repair shops an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, learn from other non-commerical bicycle-projects and have fun together. We feel the need to (inter)connect with projects similar to ours, learn from other experiences and make friends for trips and other projects.

If you still can't imagine what it could be like, watch this for example (from first Cyclocamp):

This year we also want to invite some other not-so-much-bicycle-related DIY projects. If you know of any interesting initiatives, feel free to invite them. Please also tell us if you already planned or have ideas for any workshops you would like to do/offer at CC (

The festival should be completely self organized, there should be no "orga-team" providing all the necessary infrastructure or dominating the discourse. Bikekitchen Vienna just organizes basic infrastructure, the rest we do all together. It should also be as cheap as possible, no profit should be made. However, we have to pay a fee and a deposit for the festival area and will ask you for some financial support during the CC.

At the festival area, we can provide camping space (the number of tents is limited, so please share tents), space for buses or vans (about 6), toilets and shower infrastructure. There are two buildings for workshops and party etc. Some groups already volunteered to provide gear for cooking and concerts and the bikekitchen Vienna will bring tools and equipment to build stuff and for workshops. At the moment we also host electronic infrastructure such as a mailinglist and wiki (

Please write us ( if you are interested to come, if you have any questions or if you already know of a workshop or concert etc. you want to do at CC. Please distribute this invitation to people you know and could be interested.

Please bring videos, photos, zines, info material, stickers, patches, screen printing material etc. of your projects!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

[Bearbeiten] Manifesto:

the Cyclocamp should provide do-it-yourself (DIY) bicycle repairshops with an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, learn from other DIY-bicycle repairshops and have fun together. we feel the need to (inter)connect with projects similar to ours, learn from other experiences and make friends for trips and other projects.

the festival should be completely self organized, there should be no "orga-team" providing necessary infrastructure or dominating the discourse and it should be as cheap as possible, no profit should be made. The festival area is free and all necessary work should be done by ourselves. For the rest of costs we think about collective fundraising such as a merchandising stand.

[Bearbeiten] Programo:

presentation of participants, means could include film, performance, discourse etc.

[Bearbeiten] workshops

should provide space for discussions for example about:


  • organization of a repairshop on a personal level (how many people does it take? what skills are needed? how do we organize? ...)
  • organization of a repairshop on a technical level (tools, workshops, parts, organisation...)
  • financing of a repairshop
  • gender issues around a repairshop
  • repairshops and kids and babies .. how much room for whom
  • "how open do repairshops want to be?" .. how much room for whom
  • Critical Mass and reclaim the streets
  • how to form a cargobike-collective by Lastenradkollektiv

[Bearbeiten] other activities

  • DIY tattoo
  • freakbike building
  • tallbikejousting
  • rodeobikeriding, bike bungee
  • night- and dayrides
  • bike polo
  • bike ski jumping
  • various other bike games
  • BBQ (there are places on the area)
  • other games, perhaps not really related to bikes
  • movie-screening one evening (warriors, bikewars ... whatever people want to see) with CycleCinemaClub
  • but does it float competition (welding waterskielements to the bike / driving the bike into the Traisen at full speed / and trying to glide on the watersurface as long as possible)

all activities shoud be organized by groups participating even though groups from close should provide infrastructure such as tools, welding equipment, kitchen, refrigerators, junkbikes, sound-systems; Please click on the link to add infrastructure items and what you can provide.

  • there will be a party on saturday, 20.8.
  • and there will be a critical mass (on friday?)

[Bearbeiten] infrastructure

  • Park with space for camping (limited number of tents - if share your tent with more people, more people can camp at the park!)
  • Parking lot with spare for a few buses, vans, trucks
  • Toilets
  • Outdoor shower
  • running water and electricity
  • 2 buildings with bicycle workshop and space for other workshops, concerts, discussions etc.
  • workshop tent
  • maybe more tents for workshops like screenprinting
  • first aid

[Bearbeiten] Recommendations

Please be advised to respect the following recommendations:

The area which is hosting the Cyclocamp 2016 has its rules, as CC2016 also has its rules.

The usual condictions apply to this event&space: No sexism. No racism. No shit. Feel well and do not make other people feel not well.
There will be an awareness team available. If you are affected by or are a witness of any encroachment - do not hesitate to contact them and ask for backing. Intervene.

[Bearbeiten] Regarding the site

  • dogs only on leash in the whole area/park
  • no open fire anywhere(!) except the one and only fireplace between the houses! (smoking is ok unless announced otherwise, but please dispose of cig stubs safely and without remains - as with any other trash)
  • please keep quiet after 10pm, esp. in the park (there are neighbours living around the park and some of us also might enjoy some rest in their tents)
  • swimming/bathing in the river isn't officially allowed
  • showering in the gardens/park only with biodegradable shampoo/soap please (we will try to provide some)
  • as mentioned above: please no littering at all in/of the park! it is so beautiful, neighbours use and appreciate it.. esp. of course no glass bottles - but even not everything else (no need to mention possible dog poop, right?). there will be trash receptacles in the main area, please try to separate waste (otherwise it costs quite some money), separated receptacles are located in the parking lot. thanks!

[Bearbeiten] bring with you

Without wanting to be a teacher to all of you, some advice and tips:

  • You yourself and friends
  • ideas for workshops, activities and maybe needed materials..
  • sleeping bag, sleeping pad
  • maybe tent (there should be some sleeping places indoors and the space for tents is restricted, better bring large tents for more people than smaller ones for less, make better use of the available space!)
  • be advised there are many ticks on the area (and in Austria they're contagious of tick-borne encephalitis and other diseases, check your vaccacinations if in doubt!)
  • ok now I am getting teachery, but still: sunscreen! passports/ID! health insurance card!
  • map(s) (though we might get some of the surroundings)
  • screens for screenprinting!

[Bearbeiten] leave at home

  • if possible, dogs
  • if possible, drums and didgeridoos

[Bearbeiten] Minutes/Protokolle

Minutes from the plenary from 7th of June

Minutes from the plenary from 28th of June

Minutes from the plenary from 6th of July

Minutes from the plenary from 7th of July

Minutes from the plenary from 1st of August

Minutes from the plenary from 6th of August