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[Bearbeiten] Cyclocamp2011: biciklo kolektivo festivalo

26.07.2011 - 01.08.2011 in Ottensheim festivalarea, Austria


[Bearbeiten] Manifesto:

the Cyclocamp should provide do-it-yourself (DIY) bicycle repairshops with an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, learn from other DIY-bicycle repairshops and have fun together. we feel the need to (inter)connect with projects similar to ours, learn from other experiences and make friends for trips and other projects.

the festival should be completely self organized, there should be no "orga-team" providing necessary infrastructure or dominating the discourse and it should be as cheap as possible, no profit should be made. The festival area is free and all necessary work should be done by ourselves. For the rest of costs we think about collective fundraising such as a merchandising stand.

[Bearbeiten] Programo

presentation of participants, means could include film, performance, discourse etc.

workshops should provide space for discussions for example about (please add):

  • organization of a repairshop on a personal level (how many people does it take? what skills are needed? how do we organize? ...)
  • organization of a repairshop on a technical level (tools, workshops, parts, organisation...)
  • financing of a repairshop
  • gender issues around a repairshop
  • repairshops and kids and babies .. how much room for whom - peter
  • "how open do repairshops want to be?" .. how much room for whom - peter
  • Critical Mass and reclaim the streets
  • how to form a cargobike-collective by Lastenradkollektiv

other activities could include (please add):

  • building of a ramp to jump into the Danube
  • "the different Triatlon" (race downstream the river in the river, carrying it over some barriers and riding back on land)
  • floatrace (float down the river with your bike / ride it back on land)
  • tallbikejousting
  • rodeobikeriding
  • night- and dayrides
  • bike polo
  • various other bike games (the area seems to be a bit hilly, so perhaps bike bungee, etc would be suitable)
  • BBQ (there are places on the area)
  • other games, perhaps not really related to bikes (e.g. beach volleyball, there are places available as far as I understand)
  • movie-screening one evening (warriors, bikewars ... whatever people want to see) - peter
  • Critical Mass in Linz...Critical mass starts Fr, 29. July, 16:30 in Linz, main square:
  • but does it float competition (welding waterskielements to the bike / driving the bike into the danube at full speed / and trying to glide on the watersurface as long as possible)

all activities shoud be organized by groups participating even though groups from close should provide infrastructure such as tools, welding equipment, kitchen, refrigerators, junkbikes, sound-systems; Please click on the link to add infrastructure items and what you can provide.

[Bearbeiten] place and time

Ottensheim festivalarea bing bird's eye view of the area

26.07.2011 - 01.08.2011

[Bearbeiten] Participants (not updated)

groups that want/will participate:

  • in course of formation/ Munich / Germany
  • VeloSophie / Pecs / Hungary

please add to the List of invited groups the list u can also find without Login here

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