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[Bearbeiten] how to get there from Linz

[Bearbeiten] by bike

arriving in Linz you need to go to the northern side of the river Danube and ride upstream (west by northwest) until you leave Linz. Then follow the bike-path along the B127 through Puchenau to Ottensheim. It's about 10km.

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[Bearbeiten] by public transport

From the main-station Linz there is a bus (Nr. 200) to ottensheim in irregular intervals but about every hour. It might be difficult to take a bike with it, but the bus takes you to the centre of ottensheim (29 min.), which is not far from the festival area. The number of the bus is 200, it leaves at platform B4-B6 at the bus terminal. The bus heads to Aschach/Donau. If you are not sure which one to take, ask the bus driver if the bus brings you to ottensheim ("fahren sie nach ottensheim?"). Tikets are available at the busdriver.

There is also a train departing from a separate station on the northern side of the river Danube called Uhrfahr-station. it leaves frequently and you can easily take the bike with it.

[Bearbeiten] what to bring

These are just suggestions of course. : ) Think what could be fun, enriching, helpful...!

  • Balls (2 volleyball-fields with nets are there)
  • Hammocks
  • boats
  • music players and music and cables/adapters & soundsystems
  • earplugs (for a good sleep!!)
  • films, photos for an outdoor photo exhibition at the CC and merchandise (shirts, stickers, flyers...) from your own workshop
  • ID-cards
  • lights for your bikes (can be expensive in austria riding without)
  • sun cream/sun blocker/moskito-death-fluid! (the area is right next to 2 rivers..)
  • tents, sleeping bags, mat, camping stuff

[Bearbeiten] things to leave at home

  • digeridoos and drums & similar noisemakers
  • dogs and other animals
  • sexism, racism, homophobia
  • all kinds of prejudices